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Cybel is a Photonic Company that specializes in the design and fabrication of fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers operating in the 1.06µm, 1.55µm, and 2µm optical bandwidths. Cybel offers OEM & Benchtop standard or PM fiber for CW or pulsed applications. Both the subcompact MAKO and/or the powerful SKYLINE OEM platforms deliver outstanding performance.  read more

Cybel Innovations - Featured Products


The CYBEL PHOENIX-2040 is a Dual mode (CW-pulsed) at 2040nm with narrow linewidth (<50kHz) laser a 1W average power, 10W peak power, and 0.5 µJ energy for 50ns pulses and 2MHz PRF.


The PERSEUS - 1800 pulse fiber laser offers a peak power up to 50 W, and pulses from 50 ns to 200 ns with a broad range of repetition rates from 500 kHz to 2MHz. wavelengths available from 1760 to 1950 nm


The Cybel ORION-2000 Is a single frequency narrow linewidth (10 kHz) DFB Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) laser emitting in the range of 1900 to 2100 nm, with output power greater than 500 mW

Distribution Partners

Cybel is also the privileged distributor of renowned photonics companies that deliver a broad range of innovative products with stellar performance.