Alnair Labs is the leading manufacturer of broadband opto-electronics systems and solutions based on proprietary photonic technology. Their innovative products include bandwidth variable tunable filters, electrical pulse generators, bit error rate (BER) testers, ultrafast laser sources, and dispersion characterization instrumentation. A key part of their activities is to provide custom photonic solutions covering laser, optical amplifiers and miniature optical modules.

Tunable Optical Filters

BVF-300CL: Manual filter, wavelength between 1525 - 1610nm, Tunable ultra-Narrow BW: 30pm - 3nm (3.7GHz - 370 GHz), Ultra- sharp filter edge: 1000dB/nm.

BVF-300BO: O-band Narrow Bandwidth-Variable Tunable Filter. O-band coverage 1260 ~ 1360nm, Sharp roll-off: 500dB/nm, FWHM of 0.05 ~ 5nm, Flexible: both bandwidth- and wavelength-tunable.

CVF-300CL: Programmable filter, wavelength between 1525 - 1610nm, tunable ultra-Narrow BW: 30pm - 3nm (3.7GHz - 370 GHz), Ultra-sharp filter edge: 1000dB/nm

WTF-200: Manual tunable FBG Optical Filter, minimum wavelength tuning range 20nm, center wavelength 1030 - 1070nm or 1280 - 1330nm or 1520 - 1610nm, sharp filter response.

EVF-100CL: Electrical wavelength Tunable filter with fast settling, band coverage 1525~1615nm, fast tuning time of 10ms.

Tunable Laser Sources

PFL-200: Polarization-Maintaining Mode-locked Fiber Laser. Femtosecond pulsewidth 450 fs typical. Central wavelength at 1560nm, repetition rate typical 40MHz.

TLG-220: is a narrow-linewidth (<100kHz) wavelength tunable laser source. Wavelength range between 1529 to 1567nm. Single-channel and multi-channel up to 4 channels.

TLG-310: Multi-channel Narrow Linewidth (<100kHz) Tunable Laser. Wavelength range between 1529 to 1567nm. Maximum of 48 laser units can be accommodated into a main frame.

ASE-200: Broadband, high-power (23dBm), stable ASE source. Wavelength range 1528 ~ 1565nm and 1570 ~ 1605nm.

High Speed Optical & Electronics Instruments

EPG-210: Electrical single or tunable pulse generator. Electrical pulse width: 30ps, Pulse width tunability: 200ps, Fast rise-times: 17ps.

CPG-100B: High current electrical pulses of 100A, pulsewidth of 1~5ns, repetition rates of single shot to 400kHz.

EPG-300M: Programmable Electrical Pulse Generator. Pulsewidth tuning range of 100ps ~ 10ns, Option 50ps ~ 10ns, Pulsewidth tuning resolution of 1ps, Frequency range Single-shot ~ 1GHz.

BERT-250E: 28Gbps x 4channel bit error rate tester.

SeBERT-100: 10Gbps serial bit error rate tester.

MCG-200: Four-channels low jitter clock generator. All channels in synchronization Independent frequency setting on each channel. Output Clock Frequency: 100Hz ~ 1000MHz.

TR15-RZ-DPSK-2.5G: is for optical transmitter &amp; receiver for satellite-ground communication. Wavelength coverage 1529 ~1567nm. Output power range 10-15dBm, and frequency 192~197 THz.

Benchtop EDFA & Instruments

LNA-220: Ultra low noise optical amplifier with 50dB gain and 3.2 dB noise figure as a function of wavelength. Operating wavelength at 1530-1560nm.

EFA-200C: series is a compact, cost-effective and low power consumption for output power ranging from 10 to 20 dBm. Operating wavelength at 1530-1560nm.

OMT Series: is optical multi tester such as wavelength, power measurement, and power sensor with attenuator, optical switch and wavelength monitoring.

FOTDR-300: is frequency division multiplexed coherent OTDR, 10-40 times faster than conventional time-division reflectometer. Center wavelength is between 1535-1565.

MLC: is a high-precision polarization controller. Operating wavelength available at 1310 or 1550nm.

SIT-200: Alnair also provides a Silicon wafer thickness sensor. Measurable thickness 10 ~ 500 (n=3.5) µm.