PERFOS core competence is the design, development & commercialization of silica microstructure fibers for scientific, defense or industrial applications. PERFOS proposes a broad range of standard and polarization-maintaining fiber products including supercontinuum fiber, multi-core fiber as well as tapered fiber. PERFOS provides also custom service in the design and fabrication of novel fibers and consulting services to its photonics customers.



•Conception and Fabrication of Micro-Structured Fibers
•Simulation of Complex Waveguide Structures
•Scientific Advising & Consulting in Photonics


Specialty Optical Fiber


Custom dispersion profile,

Air-clad, double-clad, large mode area ( LMA)

Custom coatings

Photonic Band Gap (i.e. hollow core, all-solid)

Rod type or Doped Rods (e.g. Boron, Fluorine, Germanium)

Customs rods, tubes, capillaries, tapers

Multi filament fibers

Very Large Mode Area fiber – taper


40 µm core diameter

The development of the new Perfos Polarization Maintaining (PM) Ytterbium-doped Very Large Mode Area (VLMA) fiber was driven by customer’s demand for an easy to integrate double-clad fiber in the continuously growing ultrafast fiber laser market. The combination of robust single-mode behavior in an all-solid glass form factor with 750 µm2 fundamental mode area makes this fiber an ideal tool for high-end industrial fiber laser manufacturers.

VLMA-40-220-PM-YB: Very Large Mode Area fibre – taper, 40µm core diameter.

Multicore Fiber – 7 and 12 cores


12 Cores

These Ge and Er/Yb doped silica multicore fibers integrate 12 cores regularly arranged on a 135µm circle which make them particularly suited for Bragg grating inscription for sensing application (Shape, Strain, Temperature…) and for multicore fibers amplifiers and their associated passive components for telecom application in the C-band.

MCF12-7-187: Multicore Passive Fiber -12 cores

MCF12-7-187-EY: Multicore EY Fiber -12 cores


7 Cores

These Ge-doped silica multicore fibers integrate 7 photosensitive cores (6 hexagon-arranged cores around a center core) which make them particularly suited for Bragg grating inscription and sensing application (Shape, Strain, Temperature…) in the C-band. On-demand custom fiber design possible: core numbers, core location, and composition.

MCF7-7-125: Multicore Fiber -7 cores

Anti-resonant Hollow-core Fiber


Optical signal in a hollow-core anti-resonant fiber propagates in an air-core surrounded by single ring of anti-resonant tube elements. Guidance is based on an anti-resonance from the thin glass membranes constituted by the non-touching tubes surrounding the hollow core. The extremely low overlap of guided power with the surrounding silica, less than 2×10-5, added to the mode effective area, confers to this fiber design record material non-linearity.

ARF-40-240: Anti-Resonant Hollow Core Fiber at 750nm

ARF-33-160: Anti-Resonant Hollow Core Fiber at 1064nm

ARF-45-240: Anti-Resonant Hollow Core Fiber at 1550nm

ARF-40-230: Anti-Resonant Hollow Core Fiber at 2µm

ARF-120-400: Anti-Resonant Hollow Core Fiber at 3µm

Supercontinuum PCF Fiber


These fibers offer both low dispersion at the pump wavelength and high numerical aperture and are therefore particularly suited for the efficient generation of Supercontinuum with ti-sapphire and YAG pulsed pump sources.

SUP-2-135: Supercontinuum PCF fiber, 5µm core diameter available.

Endlessly Singlemode PCF Fiber


Those fibers display an endlessly single-mode behavior and do not exhibit a high order mode cut-off. They are therefore ideally suited for excellent mode delivery in the visible and above.

ESM-5-125: Endlessly singlemode PCF fiber

Endlessly Singlemode PCF Fiber – Visible


This fiber displays an endlessly single-mode behavior with lower photo darkening in the visible range due to the nature of its specific silica. The high OH content of the F110 silica confers to this fiber excellent transmission resistance against radiation and high power visible light. This fiber is therefore ideally suited for excellent mode delivery in the visible.

ESM-10-125-VIS: Endlessly single mode PCF fiber- visible

Airclad PCF Fiber


These pure silica multimode fibers offer both a large core diameter and ultra-high numerical aperture which make them particularly suited for power delivery and light collection for spectroscopy application from the visible range to the near-infrared.

ACF-50-80: Airclad PCF fiber, different cladding diameters are available.

Hollow Core Photonic Bandgap Fiber


Optical signal in a hollow-core photonic bandgap fiber is guided in an air-core surrounded by a high air filling factor PBG microstructured region (>90%). Added to the low bend sensitivity due to the core high NA, this confers to this fiber design significantly reduced material nonlinearities since more than 95% of optical power is propagating in air. In addition air/undoped silica provides excellent temperature immunity critical for high-performance fiber sensing and metrology applications.

HCF-11-80-750: Hollow Core Photonic Bandgap Fiber

Fiber Optic Components

Boron Stress Rods


The high-precision stress rods Perfos produce are manufactured to meet customer exacting dimensional needs. Perfos has a  wide range of diameters/index of precision finished rods, manufactured with tight tolerances.

BSR: Boron stress rods


The high-precision capillaries Perfos produce are drawn to meet your exacting dimensional needs. Perfos has a  wide range of diameters of precision finished rods,  manufactured with tight tolerances. Furthermore, Perfos can provide non-circular tubes and rods.

CAPILLARIES / RODS: High precision dimension