Quantum Dot Lasers

The QLF133x, QLF131x, QLD133x and QLD131x Quantum dot lasers are 1300 nm semiconductor lasers grown on GaAs substrates based on quantum dot technology. Some QDLasers Quantum dot laser have been designed to operate at extremely high temperatures (e.g.150-200C) and can be used in harsh-environment applications. Their excellent stability at high temperatures and excellent optical feedback tolerance makes them also ideal light sources for silicon photonics.

QLD1261-4005:1240nm –14-pin Laser Butterfly Package

QLD123F-4010: 1240nm –10 mW TO-56 Package

QLF1339-AA: 1310nm -6 mW TO-56 Package

QLF1312-P10: 1310nm – 10 mW DFB Laser Butterfly Package

QLF131F-P16: 1310nm – 22mW DFB Laser Butterfly Package

QLF1335-AD150: 1300nm – Operation at high temperature 150 C, TO-56 Package

QLF1335-AD175: 1300nm– Operation at high temperature 175 C, TO-56 Package

QLF1335-T200: 1300nm– Operation at high temperature 200 C, TO-56 Package

QLD1335-AA: 1300nm– Operation at high temperature 125 C, TO-56 Package