SelenOptics specializes in the development and fabrication of Chalcogenide fibers and proposes several standard infrared fibers with light propagation in the 1.5 to  10 µm wavelength range. SelenOptics can customize the design of its infrared fiber specifications: including single-mode vs. multimode fiber, polarization-maintaining (PM) or standard, core diameter, numerical aperture, dispersion profile, etc.

1.5 to 10µm Wide Bandwidth Single Mode Chalcogenide fibers


Single Mode (SM) Chalcogenide AsSe fibers combine great spatial beam quality over a broad spectral range, low optical attenuation and high non-linear refractive index compared to traditional silica fibers. These SM AsSe fibers with large transmission bandwidth in the mid-infrared region from 1.5 to 10µm can be used as efficient power delivery pigtail fiber in the packaging of quantum cascaded laser (QCL), optical parametric oscillator (OPO) or mid-infrared fiber systems.

Wide Bandwidth Single Mode Microstructure Fibers

Suspended Core “Grape-Fruit” AsSe Micro-structured Fibers

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The multimode (MM) Grapefruit type (AsSe) Chalcogenide fibers have low transmission loss over a wide bandwidth of operation from 1.5µm to 9µm and large numerical aperture that allows easier light coupling into the fiber. Some MM Grapefruit fibers are available in stock, and can also be custom drawn to many different fiber geometries and specifications. These fibers can be used for efficient delivery or transmission of laser power.

Suspended Core Fiber


Highly Nonlinear SM-MM GeAsSe and AeSe Chalcogenide Fibers


The single-mode Chalcogenide (GeAsSe) and multimode (AsSe) nonlinear fibers exhibit low propagation loss combined with low Brillouin threshold, and large fiber non-linearities, making them ideal waveguides for the novel designs of amplifiers and lasers in the Mid-IR spectrum. Examples of products include super broad continuum source (i.e. 1.5 to 10µm), wavelength generation via four-wave mixing and Brillouin and Raman fiber lasers and amplifiers. For specific applications, the fiber core (in the range from 3 to 7µm) and the zero-dispersion wavelength can be adjusted to optimize the fiber performance.

Highly Nonlinear Single mode Microstructure Fibers

Highly Nonlinear Multimode Microstructure Fibers

Fabrication of Fiber Devices: Taper & Connectorized Fiber Pigtails


SelenOptics has developed both fiber tapers for mid-infrared fibers and connectorized fiber jumper cables. The taper technology has been demonstrated and integrated in customer applications and this know-how can be customized upon customer requests. Fiber jumper cables with different lengths are terminated with standard FC/PC connectors. Other types of connectors are also available. These cables find their applications in the pigtailing of mid-infrared products (laser, modulators, switches, etc) and in the transmission of laser power to remote location with minimal optical degradation.

Fiber Taper, Fiber Jumper



SelenOptics provides a wide range of chalcogenide glasses to meet your requirements. Our glasses are prepared from high purity elements. We have a strong expertise in preparation of chalcogenide glasses.

Rods: Typical size : diameter 10 mm x length 150 mm.
Several composition available :AsSe, GeAsSe, GeAsSeTe, TeAsSe


Supercontinuum Generation


SelenOptics microstructured optical fibers are integrated in Supercontinuum laser to extend spectrum window to 10 µm.

Mid IR Supercontinuum laser: Broad spectrum from 2 µm to 9.5 µm,
Spatially single-mode, Compact size (L x W x H) : 485 x 250 x 134 mm